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Find Your Inner Confidence NOW!

Individualized confidence boosting strategy session that will leave you realizing just how capable you really are.

About Alex

Alex's 20-year career in tech took her around the globe to financial powerhouses like Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg, as well as cutting-edge startups. She presented to the C-Suite like Mike Bloomberg, his CTO, and rubbed shoulders with chief curators at some of the world's most esteemed cultural institutions.


Despite her accomplishments, she grappled with imposter syndrome, attributing her high-profile opportunities more to chance than merit.  Her own journey was marked by ingrained thinking that she needed to be perfect, and that taking risks that had the potential to go awry  meant the chance of looking bad.

Alex credit her journey to the critical inner work to develop self-awareness, see imposter syndrome for what it is, and start getting into action.


Now as an executive and leadership coach, Alex leverages her first-hand experience to help other high-achievers break through their own glass ceilings in the workplace.


Through mindset work and getting into action, she guides professionals to:

  • Create a plan to get into action by identifying small steps

  • Notice the inner voice and limited thinking patterns as they arise

  • Fully embody their power and potential

If you're ready to quieten your imposter syndrome, get into action, and finally start showing up as the authentic leader you know you can be, Alex's coaching could be the catalyst you need.

This CONFIDENCE NOW laser session involves:

  • 1 x 90min 1:1 coaching session on Zoom

  • Get to the root of what is causing your imposter syndrome

  • Personalized strategies for taming your inner voice

  • A plan for getting into action and immediate next steps

  • Walk away feeling more confident and ready to step into your full capabilities

$297 - Early Bird pricing, book before July 1st
$350 - July 1st onwards

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