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Quieten Your Imposter Syndrome

A Free Webinar on How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself in the Workplace

and Start Seeing How Capable You Really Are

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Presented by Alexandra Hurworth - 
Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, and CEO of TiP.

In this free webinar, leadership and executive coach Alexandra Hurworth will be shining a light on the commonly experienced imposter syndrome and identifying steps to quieten it.

Do you experience one or more of the following:

  • Despite evident success, you doubt your skills, fearing that any day now you'll be exposed as a fraud?


  • You hesitate to speak up assertively in meetings because you wonder if you deserve a seat at the table?

  • You are excited at the opportunity of putting yourself forward for stretch assignments but debate whether you have the capabilities, despite your many credentials and experience?

  • You attribute your past successes to luck?

  • You have a sensation – deep down inside – that so much more is possible for you?

I get it.  I did too.

What if you could:

Stop doubting yourself and your accomplishments?

Stop second guessing your decisions?

Stop playing small?

Join this webinar and take back control.  

Thursday June 20th
12 - 1pm Eastern Time

You'll gain practical strategies from an expert leadership coach to silence the voice of self-doubt

In this webinar we will cover:

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