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Uncovering Underlying Causes of Career Setbacks

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As a coach for female leaders and high-performers, I often find myself helping clients with aspects of their career that are not as they want them to be.

Let's say they're struggling with advocating for themselves or they didn't get a promotion they were more than qualified for, or they don't have the executive presence they should.

While the work we do together certainly tackles these specific issues, I know the real work lies below the visible sea line, and that the big hidden part of the iceberg that needs to be examined can often be confidence, imposter syndrome and low self-belief.

If we don't tackle these bigger issues, I know that they will only manifest as other symptoms and we'll be playing a game of whack-a-mole.

Let's recognize and get to the heart of the issues, and do the important work to solve them for the longterm.

If you'd like to talk through something you're facing, DM me or use this link to schedule a free chat:

A graph with an iceberg image showing the symptoms as the iceberg above the water, and the common root causes as the iceberg under the water.

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