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TiP stands for Time Is Precious.  Life is short.  If you’re impatient to get where you want to go, getting outside support from a coach or mentor can accelerate you in achieving your career goals.

At TiP, we are proud to have a team of experienced leadership coaches with different backgrounds and sets of experiences. Meet our growing team.


Meet the Team

Alex Hurworth

CEO & Founder of TiP;Strategic Partner, Executive and Leadership Coach

Over her 20-year career, Alex led and developed high-performing teams and was responsible for the product strategy, design and launch of mobile apps at firms including such Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and several startups. Working with all levels, including the C-Suite such as Mike Bloomberg, who entrusted her with key initiatives for the Bloomberg Professional Mobile app and digital properties at Bloomberg Philanthropies, and New York State of Health’s CIO and Bloomberg’s CTO in the development and launch of a state-of-the-art contact tracing app during the pandemic.Originally from England, Alex’s work has relocated her from London, to Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York which enabled her exposure and the ability to work across global cultures. She has resided in New York City for the last 14 years.Believing that her birthname, Hurworth, was not an accident, Alex launched her own business, TiP Coaching and Consulting, in 2021 to offer development support and programs for all, and specializes in the support of woman. Trained at the Center for Executive Coaching and credentialed by the International Coach Federation. Since then she has supported leaders at companies such as Google, Meta, JP Morgan, Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs.


Affiliate Executive Coach 

Christina has over 20 years' experience developing successful career paths for executives at major Fortune 500 businesses. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine, and she consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Accenture, Google, PwC, McDonald’s, Spotify, LaSalle Investments, CME Group, UPS, and Northwestern University.

Christina Holloway


Hannah Hillier, Marine Lane

"Before working with Alex, I was frequently working weekends and pulling all-nighters. Through our executive coaching, I've transformed my leadership style and redirected my focus. Alex helped me shift from tactical firefighting to strategic thinking, develop my team more effectively, and achieve a stable, manageable workload.

The impact has been profound. I've become a much stronger asset and partner to our CEO, contributing more meaningful insights at the executive level. I've reclaimed my personal time while simultaneously increasing my value to the organization. I recommend Alex to anyone looking to elevate their leadership. "

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