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Team Leadership Essentials for FinTech UX Designers

Team leadership group coaching program tailored for promising UX designers.

November 30 - January 10, 2023

About Team Leadership Essentials

Join Alex Hurworth, a leadership coach and former UX designer, as she hosts a virtual program that targets the unique concerns of designers in team leadership roles. As a designer herself, she knows that leadership positions require you to draw on skills that are very different from the craft of design. In this program, designers will learn essential managerial skills they didn’t learn in school—including how to delegate effectively, deliver difficult and critical feedback, and how to build influence with cross-functional peers—while gaining access to a valuable community of like-minded FinTech design leaders. Participants will have access to both group workshops and private one-on-one leadership coaching with Alex.

The program will take place between November 30, 2023 and January 10, 2024.

Take Your Design Career to the Next Level

Only 1 in 6 design leaders believes they are positioned to deliver their full potential value to the company.

- McKinsey Quarterly

When design leaders have all the skills they need to be effective, the whole team benefits, allowing you to grow your culture, scale your team, and spend time on strategic initiatives instead of leadership challenges.


Over four two-hour virtual coaching workshops, UX design leaders will:


  • Learn the core skills needed to be successful in managing other designers 

  • Develop influence and garner respect from reports, managers and cross-functional peers

  • Practice giving feedback to direct reports who were once peers

  • Develop commercial effectiveness by learning how to map company goals to a project

  • Participate in community-building sessions with fellow designers

About Alex Hurworth 

As a former UX designer, Alex understands the day-to-day needs of a design team and its leaders. After spending over 20 years leading teams responsible for the design and launch of software for startups, philanthropic entities, state-run organizations, and multinationals including Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg, she retrained as a coach via Andrew Neitlich's Center for Executive Coaching and became certified by the International Coaching Federation. Her coaching is trusted by leaders at ExxonMobil, Bloomberg LP, J.P. Morgan, Dell, and others.

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